About us

About us

GRUPO PRIMARELLI is the evolution of the family business that statted almost one century ago. They began at the end of the nineteen twenties, when Maria Pavigniani, the grandmother of Angelo Ceciarelli, president and founder of Gupo Primarelli, arrived in Mexico from Bologna, Italy. She was one of the pioneers of the clothing industry in Mexico. She opened a fashion house where she designed exclusive cocktail dresses for the most important personalities in Mexico.

In the decade of the 50, Yolanda Pavigniani, the mother of Angelo Ceciarelli, married Mr Franco Ceciarelli and started a chain of stores and boutiques calling them Pavigniani Ceciarelli. In these stores they sell only the most exclusive brands and handmade dresses. The fabrics used, where all European and most of the designs came from Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Courrèges, and Valentino.

In the sixties the company incorporated facilities of manufacturing after receiving Christian Dior's license for production. The line Christian Dior was produced in family factories. Their customers were the most important stores and chains in Mexico. They produced locally Christian Dior dresses, men ties, men shirts and accessories. At the beginning of eighties, the family introduced in Mexico other international brands, such as Benetton, Fiorucci and others.

From his beginning the Ceciarelli family has been selling to the principal retailers and department stores, gaining a valuable portfolio of clientele. In the same way, they got the distribution of famous brands like Chemise Lacoste, Krizia, Dolce and Gabbana, Rifle, and Versace that Mr. Angelo Ceciarelli introduced in his days on the domestic market.

Throughout the years until today the family Pavignani Ceciarelli not only has been a pioneer of any license of manufacture that the house Dior has given in the world. Also they have been the importers in sole right, distributors and distributors and licensees of the best Italian and French brands that were entering in the Mexican market from its beginnings. In the last decade they incorporated brands such as Diadora Heritage, Macron, Givova and Geox.

In the year 2013 Angelo Ceciarelli initiated his expansion in to Spain, with the opening of Primarelli Stores. Also it has established an alliance with some prestigious groups for his rapid growth. Likewise he is purchasing and joined with world wide recognized brands.

For the distribution in North America, he has the companies of representation and distribution in Mexico named Grupo Primarelli S.A de C.V and Moda Vitti, S.A. de C.V. For South America he operates in Panama trough the company Panamerican Enterprises LTD. For distribution in Europe, for his stores and for the Midle East and Africa, the companies operating are Grupo Primarelli, S.L., Moda Vitti, S.L. and JJ Vitti, S.L. conveniently located in Ceuta and Malaga.
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